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          Employment Opportunities

          Employment Opportunities

          Welcome Prospective Teachers, Coaches and Support Personnel!

          Teachers: Please complete the Application-for-Certificated-Personnel

          Aides: Please complete the Classified-Personnel_Application

          Substitute Teachers: Please complete the Fillable Substitute-Teacher-Application

          Coaches: Please complete the Application for Coaching Personnel

          Bus Drivers: Please complete the Application for Classified Personnel


          Riverside is committed to a faculty development program that recruits, retains, retools, refreshes and retires personnel with dignity and professionalism. The ultimate goal is the development of students prepared, both academically and spiritually, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through their character and leadership.

          Why teach at Riverside Christian School?
          Riverside is building a comprehensive program to recruit and retain its professional teaching staff.

          Riverside seeks to recruit and hire staff members who are articulate defenders and models of the Christian faith in thought, word, and deed; love God and love children; are committed to the good work of Christian education in the Reformed Christian tradition.

          Riverside provides Career counseling (either by a professional or in-house) for an ongoing sense of God’s call.
          Riverside provides resources for professional conferences and career advancement.
          Riverside provides in-service opportunities for teachers to learn about and be supported in self-care and personal growth.
          Riverside encourages self-evaluation and professional development which includes short-term and long-term components.

          We look forward to receiving your application.
          Please mail, email  Bradforda@RiversideChristian.net or fax your application

          General Application
          Interested in a position at Riverside but don’t see a current job opening that aligns with your strengths? Go ahead and apply and we’ll keep your information on file. 

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